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By developing and maintaining effective relationships with key federal and state legislators, regulators and interest groups, PLD Consulting was instrumental in securing $45 million in state funding to complete the Santa Ana River Trail.
PLD assembled the first coalition of its kind between Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino counties to focus on completing the Santa Ana River Trail. PLD wrote the interagency Memorandum of Understanding that provided the blueprint for the partnership.
PLD Consulting developed comprehensive print, television and radio media campaigns to publicize the launch of the Santa Ana River Trail program, highlighting the ecological and recreational benefits of the project on a wide scale, which resulted in community and legislative support.
"Ms. Lock-Dawson is a proven leader and an expert in environmental issues. ... She has made major strides in habitat conservation and is truly passionate about preserving a clean, healthy environment for future generations."
-Bill Emmerson, Senator, 37th District
The Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway Partnership has been recognized by the U.S. Congress, the California State Senate and the California State Assembly as a model partnership.
Hikers, bikers, equestrians, joggers and birdwatchers are among those who enjoy the trail, which runs from the San Bernardino Mountains to the mouth of the river at the Pacific Ocean.
PDL Consulting devised a management strategy to ensure bipartisan cooperation among more than 20 agencies and partners.
"Using her skills of critical listening, problem solving and creative thinking, Patricia forms partnerships among groups of diverse backgrounds and interests. She is very successful at bringing divergent viewpoints into consensus."
- Gail Egenes, Executive Director, Riverside Land Conservancy
PDL Consulting built the organizational framework, the first of its kind, which served as a model for Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority’s "One Water, One Watershed" initiative.
The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority found in a survey of recreational trail users that completion of the trail’s backbone was their highest priority.
PLD assumed a complex directive to establish governance, identify and solicit adequate funding, and institute program goals, policies, procedures, and objectives to complete a 100-mile-long trail along the Santa Ana River, the largest watershed in Southern California. (Click an image to enlarge.)
PLD formulated and assembled key personnel and resources to support the Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan, the largest of its kind in the United States.
PLD created partnerships with city representatives, academia and key state and federal agencies to develop a comprehensive biological inventory plan for the U.S. Geological Survey and National Park Service, which was used as a model program for other national parks.
PLD developed the first wetlands program in the state of Utah; The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency used PDL's program as a model in five western states.
"Patricia articulated a vision of 'a river of life' that elected leaders could build consensus around. Clearly, her political acumen and savvy were instrumental in successfully guiding a complex project that covered three counties."
-Lou Correa, Senator, CA-34th District
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